Our Vision, Mission and Values

After many years working in the training sector we noticed that there was a disregard to how people were being taught.  They were mainly being taught ‘out of a book’ by trainers who did not actually have experience of dealing with front line situations or understand peoples learning styles. The message they conveyed was that everything was ‘black or white.’ But, as we know, people are not all the same and situations present themselves in different ways for different people.

This got us to thinking about how we can improve the experience for our clients and potential clients. After thorough research, we gradually began to add programmes for businesses that needed practical training as well as academic solutions for their employees – e.g. for safety and technical elements, and so their organisation would be fully regulated and compliant.

Our Vision

Our vision is and will always be to ensure that all of our clients have access to relevant and practical solution based assessment, consultancy, development and training – whenever and wherever they need it. We fully understand the importance of treating each client as an individual, which is why we consistently respond to their individual needs and requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to help businesses to become better. We believe that we can achieve this by:

  • Supporting them to enable them to grow and thrive
  • Providing them with the tools to develop every aspect of their business
  • Enabling them to identify and build their ethos and culture
  • Ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation
  • Providing pragmatic, high quality, real life training
  • Offering unbiased advice
  • Becoming a critical friend to insure against complacency and ensure compliance

Our Values

  • To treat each client as an individual and to respond to their individual needs
  • A commitment to supporting each client to achieve their vision
  • Developing an understanding of the mindset of each client’s business, by working alongside them and support them to achieve their goals
  • A desire to provide client with the highest quality services available in the market place
  • Providing value for money services designed specifically to meet each client’s needs