Clorox Wipes Case of 4 buckets of 110

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Clinell® are proud to partner with Clorox – the most trusted company in the USA to have wipes with the fastest EPA-registered C. difficile kill claim. Clinell® Clorox conforms to current HPA guidelines on Clostridium difficile infection and guidelines for the management of norovirus outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings.

Broad surface compatibility

The wipes have broad surface compatibility and unlike other chlorine wipes, our wipes are specially formulated with anticorrosion agents which ensure compatibility with many hospital-grade surfaces. These surfaces include: stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, glass, porcelain and many other materials. *May damaged coated/painted surface

User & patient comfort

User and patient comfort is very important; unlike other chlorine wipes, Clinell® Clorox wipes are made with a proprietary odour-masking formula to create a subtle bleach scent that is comfortable for patients and staff. In a recent study 94% of patients reported being very satisfied with how well their rooms were cleaned with our wipes and only 9% of patients noticed the wipes odour.

Extra-heavy & durable wipe

Clinell Clorox wipes are extra-heavy, durable, will not easily tear or fall apart, and are designed for better cleaning power. Our wipes’ substrate is 3x stronger and 30% heavier than leading competitors wipes. Less tearing ensures each wipe and tub lasts longer.

Unique lid design

Our tubs have been especially designed to be low splash when removing a wipe.