Sporicidal Wipes Case of 6 Packs of 25 -UNIQUE

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The Most Powerful Wipe in the World

C-Diff Killed Within 1 Minute

Has a greater than 6 Log kill

Proven to kill all micro-organisms including spores making it the most powerful wipe in the world.
The only *peracetic acid generating wipe in the world, which is activated just by adding water.
(*peracetic acid is the safe alternative to chlorine.)

Benefits to the user:
• Simple and easy to use – no dilutions needed – increases compliance and reduces errors.
• Environmentally friendly – breaks down into harmless by-products. No persistent toxic or
carcinogenic residuals.
• No toxic fumes means none of the respiratory effects to staff or patients often found with
chlorine products.
• Ideal to clean up blood and other body fluid spills.

Tested to – European Standard EN1276, EN1650, EN13704, EN13727 and EN 14476:2005