Excellence in Customer Care

Course Details

This excellence in customer care course  shows that increasingly, customers are able to choose their suppliers not just for the goods and services on offer, but on the basis of the supporting service they receive.  The course is designed to introduce internal staff who may not have face to face contact with the customer to the concept of Customer Service/Customer Care and how they play a role in this.

Benefits to you

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Greater appreciation of the impact of bad Customer Service
  • Reduced stress in dealing with difficult customers
  • Enhanced cooperation between internal teams leading to improved customer services
  • How they can kill the sale –  thoughtless actions
  • Their individual role in Excellent Customer Service.
  • A change in mind set and attitude
  • 6 point Personal Action Plan

Course Contents

  • ABC of Customer Service
  • What Customer Service is and is not
  • How good/bad customer service affects me
  • Examples of good and bad customer
  • service to me
  • The importance of service in satisfaction delivery
  • Customers make sales not products
  • My role in Customer Service
  • What barriers exist within the company for good Customer Service
  • The Silo approach to Customer Service –internal customer/supplier interface
  • The pitfalls of Customer Service
  • Handling different types of customers, good and bad
  • The best way to handle complaints
  • 6 point Personal Action Plan
  • The Circle of Service
  • Scenarios
  • Establishing Customer Service Programme

Who should attend?

Anyone who provides a service to internal or external customers.