Remote Worker Managing conflict

Course Details

Most people don’t actually enjoy confrontation and conflict. This remote worker managing conflict course helps you understand how conflict can begin with a difference of opinion and may easily escalate if left unchecked.

As long as one of the parties in the conversation has the skills to manage conflict, there is a great opportunity for an early and satisfactory resolution.

By understanding the causes of conflict and how to manage it, both internally and externally, it can increase harmony with clients and team members alike.

Reduced conflict leads to more productivity, positive outcomes and productive working relationships.

Benefits to you

Delegates who attend will be able to

  • Identify escalating behaviour
  • Manage conflict situations
  • Deal with difficult people

Course Contents

  • What do we mean by ‘conflict’.
  • How to identify the signs of escalating behaviour.
  • The main causes of conflict.
  • Identify the profiles of individuals that are likely to find conflict.
  • How to manage conflict situations.
  • How to mediate conflict between others.
  • How to be assertive in dealing with conflict.
  • How to manage aggressive behaviour in others.
  • How to avoid increasing the risk of conflict in a situation.
  • How to deliver feedback to individuals who are in different mental states.
  • How to effectively deliver ‘bad’ news.
  • How to deal with generally ‘difficult’ people.

Who should attend?

Those whose role is to deal with both internal and external people in difficult circumstance's,