Remote Worker Time Management

Course Details

This Remote Worker Time Management course helps people manage their time as there’s often a lot of stuff coming at us from all directions and it’s easy for people to take one look at a list of tasks and begin to panic.

Do people in your organisation tend to do the easy stuff first, taking satisfaction from reducing their list of jobs in quick fashion but then fail to tackle the really important stuff within an expected timeframe? Do they perhaps focus on the work that they enjoy and are comfortable with, leaving the less interesting but equally important jobs to fall by the wayside, when someone has to then start chasing for it?

If your people tend to always work right up to deadlines and often overrun, having to be actively managed to get their work completed on time, then perhaps it’s time to evaluate and enhance their time management skills.

This initial course will teach them how to manage their time more effectively by prioritising their work, making plans and targets and staying on schedule.

Benefits to you

Delegates will be able to

  • Identify the main drains on their time
  • Identify tools and techniques for managing their time.

Course Contents

  • How to say ‘No’ assertively.
  • How to prioritise your workload.
  • How to set meaningful goals and targets to help their time management.
  • Motivation and reward for positive outcomes.
  • Identifying the correct work/life balance and how they can make positive changes.
  • Effective planning and use of resources.
  • How to rid themselves of time-stealers.
  • How to control time-wasting activities.

Who should attend?

Those that are find manging time difficult in the current climate